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Hurricane Martial Arts is a family martial arts school, where students from the age of 3 - 100, and those with special needs, can come to a safe training facility to learn self-defense. We pride ourselves for teaching quality martial arts. Students will learn about perseverance, self-discipline, self-control and always achieving the best in everything that they do in their lives.

Students will learn Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, Free-Sparring, Breaking, Traditional and Sport Karate. We also have guest grand masters and masters from different styles come to our school to share their expertise with our students. We are always open to bringing new teachings to our school.

Students should expect nothing less when it comes to martial arts training. It's our mission to provide quality lessons in yoga, tai chi, and more. Let us know what you want to learn because you won't find a better self defense school in Locust Grove, VA.

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