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Karate Classes

karate classes

We continue teaching our Junior Tigers the cornerstones of martial arts training: perseverance, balance, coordination, indomitable spirit, compassion and confidence. Those tenets are the building blocks not just for our students as martial artists, but as up and coming members of our society.

We teach conflict avoidance and to walk or talk their way out of a negative situation. If someone is trying to hit or hurt them physically, we teach them skills to defend themselves if there is no other option. Short and Long Term Goal setting is introduced as our students learn the value of hard work and the rewards of accomplishment.

Thanks to our karate classes, we have been recognized for excellence. Our kids karate classes are fun and useful. When you think of shotokan classes, we know that Hurricane Martial Arts will be the first name that comes to mind in Locust Grove, VA. For taekwondo classes, we are the ones to call.